Global resort brand needs to bring clarity on its B2B market in order to better leverage internal marketing resources in a period of budgets. Team re-structuring and resource reductions bring further complexity as the brand has to redefine its selling model.


A comprehensive 360° analysis of their market that uncovers a variety of critical business insights that help define how to better deploy sales resources. 310WEST’s team takes the study, defines the top 10 business facts then devises a strategy to deploy and back-ends the assignment with sales team being up-skilled on market dynamics and use of a new web-based marketing database tool.

Services Rendered: Analytics, modeling, database development, strategic counsel, hosted application

Time: 3 months to complete analysis, deploy and support client for 24 month contract

Budget: $75k

Results: $750k in new pipeline opportunities.




Global brand with prominent restaurant and merchandising business needs to better mine its loyalty club of 1.6 million members to set strategic marketing priorities.


310WEST, on referral from another client, completes a comprehensive 360° analysis and profiling of the loyalty club membership. It provides extensive data overlays that  delivers a comprehensive picture of the population enabling the business to deliver far more effective communications  and marketing campaigns.

Services Rendered: Analytics, data enhancement/hygiene, strategic counsel

Time: 2 months to assimilate club file, analyze and provide segmentation strategy.

Budget: $80k

Results: CMO re-calibrates loyalty program to  better address changing member needs. Enables business to globally improve customer experience of loyalty program members. Paid membership attrition drops by 25%, merchandise sales increase by 10%.



Leader in entertainment seeks to improve is loyalty program through customer analysis that aligns the brand to the interests and dynamics of its customer base with an accurate segmentation model that align response to customer potential.


With 310WEST as its marketing sciences partner, the entire customer database of this consumer driven business is analyzed to determine lifetime value segments. With augmentation from a variety of data appends, the business has a clear picture of lifecycle and how to map prospects to a value index. The second phase of the assignment delivers an automated modeling tool that inventively provides data appends and value scoring in real time, enabling the business to focus its marketing resources according to consumer potential.

Services Rendered: Strategic counsel, analysis, modeling, hosted application development

Time: 8 weeks to complete customer audit/analysis, then 8 additional weeks to build and deploy automated model that appends and scores future customers. Hosted application. 24 month contract.

Budget: $150k

Results: Cost of new customer acquisition is reduced by 120%, followed by a 3X increase in revenue with active and win-back customers. Business benefits with an 84% increase in response rates. Projected 24 month impact, gain of $750k in incremental revenue.